Italian Designer Imagines What Next Alfa Romeo 4C Would Look Like

06/04/2018 23:07:41
Italian Designer Imagines What Next Alfa Romeo 4C Would Look Like
Designer Umberto Palermo penned this edgy shape of the Alfa Romeo 4C. It's quite a different take from the existing, smooth styling of the car.

According to Alfa Romeo’s five-year plan, the automaker has no plans of updating the 4C range in that time. However, Adler Group and Umberto Palermo’s Up Design imagine what an updated version of the sports car could look like. The attractive concept goes by the unwieldy moniker Alfa Romeo Mole Construction Artisan 001.



The concept’s design retains existing hallmarks of the 4C’s look but makes them more aggressive. The lower fascia now features diagonal LEDs at each corner, and the turn signals are next to them. Palermo accentuates the fenders by causing them to come to a sharp point, and the headlights now sit in flying buttresses. All these elements combine to give the car a very angry looking face.


At the rear, the intakes in the fenders shrink, but there are now large inlets along the side that incorporate into the roof. The tiny louvers in the back glass look to eliminate any chance of drivers seeing what’s behind them. Sharp-edged taillight housings replace the current round design, and there are now stacked quad tailpipes.


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